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October 24, 2010
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The Sky Pyramid of Kaiser Beta by nethskie The Sky Pyramid of Kaiser Beta by nethskie
My Birthday special for Kaye Irene :iconkayeirene:

The Great Sky Pyramid of Kaiser Beta (Full Title)

My first Great Pyramids of Kaiser Prime render

The Great Pyramids of Kaiser Prime Wallpaper Edition

Glass Pyramid of Kaiser Tres

Author's Description(fiction): This picture shows The Great Sky Pyramid of Kaiser Beta (The Second Kaiser Civilization Homeworld) and it's Moon Raina II before sunrise. Kaiser Beta is a reddish planet located on the lower left part of the Lucille Nebula [link] . Kaiser Beta is a very windy planet where hurricanes are common. The entire surface of the Pyramid is made of Corundum (an abundant mineral on the planet) because of the violent weather conditions. The Pyramid is as large as the rest of the Kaiser Pyramids and you can see it above the thick clouds. Due to the extreme weather conditions the Kaiser people migrated to Kaiser Tres after 2000 years. The Great Sky Pyramid of Kaiser Beta is an Eternal Reminiscence and an everlasting treasure of a great civilization.

The inspiration of my work is History Channel's Ancient Aliens

1 of 2 Contest Entry for Eternal Reminiscence Contest

i would like to thank David Burnett of Planetside Forums for the function Tutorial to generate a pyramid shape in Terragen 2 [link]

Resolution: 1920x1080(Full HD 1080p 16:9 desktop wallpaper)

Hope you'll like this

Second of Four Kaiser Planets with Pyramids! (Kaiser Prime, Kaiser Beta, Kaiser Tres, Kaiser IV)

Thanks for viewing and for your support!

If you want more check my home page and browse my gallery: [link]
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BlackWingsHelena Dec 1, 2010  Student Writer
Gorgeous work. :clap:
Nice alien effect! Good luck with the contest.
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